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Radiant System

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    Use Cases

    Additional settings for the mobile application Service and help desk for OTRS 6 Community Edition.


    Key features

    • Push notifications for android
    • Creating a web service automatically
    • Setting global styles for priority and ticket states


    User's Manual


    1. Install the JSON API package version 6.41.0 or later on the OTRS6 server.

    1.1. System requirements for JSON API.

    1.2. To complete installing in the file zzz_otrs.conf (documentation link) inside section <Location / otrs> you should write:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule “/ api / (\ w +) / (\ w +)” “/otrs/$1&Subaction=$2" [QSA, L]

    1.3. Restart Apache.

    2. Install the Mobile package

    2.1. Software requirements for Moble.

    2.2. Before installing the package, set the correct rights with the script /opt/otrs/bin/

    2.3. After installing the Mobile package, you need to make sure that the AndroidNotification web service is created in the OTRS / Administration / Web Services Management / section.

    2.4. Set the Push Notification checkboxes in the notifications that should be sent to devices in the OTRS / Administration / Ticket Notification Management section.

    3. When authorizing in the mobile application, you can specify both the path to otrs as a whole and only the domain name: or

    Possible errors when connecting a mobile application to the server
    Error 404 - otrs configuration error
    Login failed - problem with agent login and password

    Package installation

    Please use the following URL to install the package utilizing the Admin Interface (please note that you need to be in the "admin" group).


    The steps for installing the package are described in the official OTRS instructions for the Administrator.



      Defining ticket type abbreviations
      RS :: Mobile :: Type :: Abbr
      Setting to change the color of the priority icon.
      RS :: Mobile :: Priority :: Color
      Setting to change the background state color.
      RS :: Mobile :: State :: BackgroundColor
      Setting to change the State font color.
      RS :: Mobile :: State :: Color


      System requirements

      Minimal requirements to hardware for OTRS:

      • Processor 3 GHz Xeon or comparable
      • RAM 8 GB RAM
      • Disk space 256 GB

      Software requirements:


        # 6.0.5 2020-03-18

          - (new) added a version check of installed JSON API