Refund policy

Please read carefully: 

Because of the nature of our products (GNU GPL License) and because we can NOT ensure that you will not erase our software from your OTRS instance, we can NOT issue any refunds after a purchase has been made.

If the product has not been delivered yet then we will issue a refund. 

NO exceptions!

Please make sure you read carefully the product features and capabilities and if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to direct them to us before purchasing product.

Refunds are not issued for server failure/issues, lack of features or if your server does not meet the Software Requirements.

Renewals support/update are not refunded
Should we receive a chargeback or disputed payment, all services will be revoked until any disputed amounts have been repaid.

Any chargeback you attempt to make via PayPal or other payment gateways will be argued strenuously by us with reference to these terms and conditions of sale. Any dispute in PayPal or any other payment gateway will result in your account terminated or suspender including license no question. You must ensure you fully read our terms as well as the website description of any files you purchase, as no refunds will be available.

Installation & Configuration Policy
Installation, Configuration, Migration or Upgrade doesn't include any customization or modifications of the script, however, we will customize the script into your site layout for an additional fee.

Refund Policy
- We do not offer refunds on Installation, Migration, and Update. Please make sure that your OTRS server meet standard requirements (ссылканамануалOTRS) before requesting our services though, this will make things easier for everyone.
- Installation charges are not refundable under any circumstances. 
- Credit Deposits are non-refundable
- Additionally, we will not be held responsible if a add-on or report you install contains bugs or security holes. See the terms of use of the add-ons for the details. We provide the add-ons 'as-is'. We cannot offer a refund if you modified the source code of the add-on after we installed it.

Installation doesn't include any customization or modifications of the item, however, we can customize or modify for an additional fee.

RS4OTRS reserves the right to cancel service and access to the service at any time.