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TicketZoom Watchers

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    Use Cases

    OTRS offers a standard opportunity to watch the ticket. But how to set one or several watchers for the ticket, if you need it? Now you must send a link for the request to the agent, so that he clicks the "Watch" button. How to understand which agent is monitoring the ticket? In standard OTRS this is not possible.

    Our module can significantly improve the efficiency of the “Watch” functionality.


    Key features

    • Set by the watcher any agent on the rights basis in the current queue
    • Displaying all the watchers on the ticket


    User's Manual

    Set and unset of yourself as a watcher of the ticket

    If the agent group is set in the Ticket :: WatcherGroup setting, then the “Watch” button is displayed in the agent menu, and when it is clicked, the agent becomes the ticket watcher (Figure 3.1). If the agent group is not set in this setting, but is set in one of the settings Ticket :: WatcherManage, it will be able to set watchers, but will not be able to watch the ticket itself.

    Figure 3.1. Setting yourself as a ticket watcher


    After the agent has become a watcher of the ticket, he, along with the other watchers of the ticket, is displayed in the “Watchers” block (Figure 3.2). To remove yourself from the list of watchers, you must click the “Unwatch” menu button.

    Figure 3.2. Removing yourself from the list of ticket watchers

    3.2. Set and unset of other agents as watchers of the ticket

     To set (or remove) an agent-watcher, you must click on the gear icon in the “Watchers” block (Figure 3.3). Then a window with a list of all agents will be opened. You need to tick the checkboxes in front of those agents that you need to add to the list of watchers and click the “Send” button (Figure 3.4).


    Figure 3.3. Watchers menu icon


    Figure 3.4. Working with watchers


    Package installation

    Please use the following URL to install the package utilizing the Admin Interface (please note that you need to be in the "admin" group).


    The steps for installing the package are described in the official OTRS instructions for the Administrator.



    The package can be configured via the System Configuration in the Admin Interface.

    The following configuration options are available:

     Module configuration contains 4 elements:

    • Ticket::WatcherManage###Group
    • Ticket::WatcherManage###Role
    • Ticket::Watcher
    • Ticket::WatcherGroup


    5.1 Ticket::WatcherManage###Group

    This setting defines the list of groups that can assign Watchers.

    Field name

    Field description


    Group of users which can set Watchers

    5.2. Ticket::WatcherManage###Role

    This setting defines the list of roles that can set Watchers

    Field name

    Field description


    Users’ role that can set Watchers.

    5.3. Ticket::Watcher

    This setting determines whether the option to monitor tickets is switched on. This parameter should be switched on so that the module could work.

    Field name

    Field description


    The selection list “yes”, “no”.

    The default value “no”.

    If “yes” is set, the option to watch tickets is switched on.


    5.4. Ticket::WatcherGroup

    This setting defines a list of groups of agents for which the option to watch tickets is switched on.

    Field name

    Field description


    A group of agents Группа агентов, for which the option to watch tickets is switched on.



    System requirements

    Minimal requirements to hardware for OTRS:

    • Processor 3 GHz Xeon or comparable
    • RAM 8 GB RAM
    • Disk space 256 GB

    Software requirements:

    • OTRS Community Edition 6.0