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Addon version: 6.3.10

Radiant System

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    Use Cases

    Creating a note or email reply form with any set of ticket attributes.



    Key features

    • Creating macros for individual actions.
    • Editing, grouping, creating a hierarchy of macros.
    • Applying macros depending on ticket attributes.
    • Limitations of macro visibility by dynamic field values
    • Using standard OTPS templates when creating notes and sending e-mails


    User's Manual















    Package installation

    Please use the following URL to install the package utilizing the Admin Interface (please note that you need to be in the "admin" group).


    The steps for installing the package are described in the official OTRS instructions for the Administrator.




      System requirements

      Minimal requirements to hardware for OTRS:

      • Processor 3 GHz Xeon or comparable
      • RAM 8 GB RAM
      • Disk space 256 GB

      Software requirements:

      • OTRS Community Edition 6.0